• 4 Reasons to Consider Maerospace PASE™ 4th Generation High Frequency Surface Wave Radar

    Like the waters it protects, strategic maritime intelligence is constantly changing and Maerospace's PASE platform is there to make sure…

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  • Hundreds of fishing fleets that go ‘dark’ suspected of illegal hunting, study finds

    Vessels primarily from China switch off their tracking beacons to evade detection while they engage in possible illegal fishing.

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  • On the High Seas, Oil is the New Pirate Treasure

    21st century pirates are pursuing a different kind of buried treasure: these brigands are thirsty for oil…

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News and Events

Maerospace To Exhibit At CANSEC 2022

Raytheon awards Maerospace with a $6.7 million CAD offset funding contract to build and operate a permanent PASE™ HFSWR Demonstration System and International Showcase…