Real-time, Predictive Domain Intelligence

TimesCaster's AI-driven analytics with multi-source data integration enables threat assessment and tracking that increases the time window for preemptive mitigation

Increase the Time Window for Threat Neutralization

TimeCaster™ generates real-time position information feeds for navies, coast guards, environmental protection agencies, and other maritime monitoring organizations. The third generation TimeCaster™ service“ time-synchronizes, integrates, and correlates satellite AIS, coastal AIS, traditional radar and High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR), and other maritime data sources to enable a fully integrated, multi-sensor display of all ships, locally, regionally or around the globe.

Employing real-time algorithms and machine learning, far beyond simple "dead reckoning," our service dramatically improves continuous awareness of your maritime domain and supplies actionable information on suspect ship behaviors while maximizing the response window, giving you time to mitigate threats with a timely, proportional, and cost-effective response.

Diverse, Real-Time, Multi-Sensor Data Feeds

TimeCaster™ consolidates, enhances, and correlates data from coastal AIS, ship-based AIS, satellite feeds, GPS, metadata, internal information systems, and much more as well as provide access to the raw, as-reported data which can be used for direct observation by personnel or processing by additional systems.

Comprehensive, Hyper-Accurate Tracking

All detected ship positions are tracked and time-synchronized every 10 minutes. Maerospace is able to identify all AES-transmitting ships, “gone-dark” targets (ships that have stopped transmitting AES signals), and “doppelgangers” (ships that transmit the same AES identity as another ship elsewhere in the world), ensuring a comprehensive and accurate view of your maritime domain.

Predictive Threat Assessment and FutureCast™

TimeCaster enables full access views of your maritime domain including instant timeframe switching between Reported (current positions), NowCast™ (near-term course plotting), and FutureCast™ which uses machine learning to predict future ship locations up to the end of voyage. Our solution uses past, current, and predicted outcomes to determine if any vessel is a possible threat and generates predictive entry alerts to maximize the response window.

Integrated and Intelligent Threat Response

Our solution is highly customizable and compatible with most displays, Command and Control (C2) systems, and C4i systems. When a potential threat alert is generated, the integrated system informs the response authority at the earliest possible point, maximizing the time window for response, while providing the size and nature of the threat so a proportional response may be deployed to cost-effectively preempt any potential breach.