Protecting National
Maritime Sovereignty

Maerospace empowers the security of vital national interests by closing the critical gaps in maritime domain awareness and intelligence

Worldwide Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
EEZ Countries with Security Mandates
$ 200 BN
Annual EEZ Market Value
9.4 M
EEZ in Square Nautical Miles
220 NM
Maerospace EEZ Domain Awareness
Completing the Maritime Control Puzzle

Unparalleled visibility, awareness, and intelligence

Maerospace closes the awareness and intelligence gaps across large-scale maritime economic domains. Our integrated “over-the-horizon” radar and AI analytics platform transforms the discovery, identification, and assessment of ocean based vessels into a continuous, real-time service. Authorities are presented with the largest possible response window in which to deliver precise, proportional, and cost-effective mitigation of economic, environmental, and human threats to critical national interests.

The Maerospace Advantage

Proven Solution

The Maerospace platform is comprised of PASE™, our industry leading radar that provides continuous visibility up to 220 NM, and TimeCaster, an AI-driven analytics solution that leverages multiple data sources and machine learning, to provide deep intelligence and on-going threat assessment on any detected vessel. Our solution is built on over 25 years of research resulting in continuous innovation with current deployments in multiple countries.

Comprehensive Awareness

Continuous, over-the-horizon visibility of entire exclusive economic zone, up to 200 NM, closes the awareness gap of traditional radar.

Predictive Threat Assessment

AI-driven analytics platform predicts threats before they materialize and reports specific threat information to C2 and C4i for response.

Preemptive, Cost-Effective Interdiction

Deploy the minimal number of ships, aircraft, drones, etc. needed to preemptively and cost-effectively interdict and neutralize any threat.

Maritime Sovereignty Protection

Ensure national authority over critical maritime resources by transforming the protection of exclusive economic zones.