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Maerospace Corporation Completes TCERTIFICATION

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Waterloo, ON – 14 October 2022 – Maerospace Corporation, a global supplier of real-time maritime intelligence solutions via industry leading radar systems and innovative data analytics, is pleased to announce it has successfully completed Tcertification, an internationally recognized due diligence review. Tcertification is a heavily benchmarked and comprehensive due diligence review, analysis and approval process establishing that an individual or organization has been thoroughly vetted, trained and certified by Tcompliance, a leading provider of widely benchmarked third party risk management solutions.

Maerospace completed the comprehensive due diligence process administered by Tcompliance. Certification by Tcompliance signifies that Maerospace has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process.

“This successful certification demonstrates our commitment to commercial transparency,” said Maerospace CEO Eric Meger. “We are proud to have confirmed our commitment to international ethical standards, our full implementation of policies covering anti-bribery and human trafficking, and our support for a code of conduct addressing bribery, allowing Maerospace to serve as a valued business partner to multinational companies.”

About Tcompliance

Tcompliance is a leading provider of widely benchmarked third party risk management solutions. Founded in 2007, Tcompliance meets a growing demand for comprehensive third party due diligence with an ESG component. Recognized for its collaborative approach, Tcompliance offers due diligence solutions that eliminate screening costs for multinational companies while providing the assurance that third parties have completed a detailed review based on globally accepted best practices. As a leading due diligence provider with anti-bribery expertise, Tcompliance has conducted over 600,000 reviews in every non-sanctioned country. For more information, visit www.Tcompliance.com

About Maerospace Corporation

Maerospace Corporation, based in Waterloo, Ontario, helps protect national sovereignty by closing the domain awareness and intelligence gaps across large-scale maritime economic domains. Our integrated “over-the-horizon” radar and AI analytics platform transforms the real-time discovery, identification, and assessment of ocean-based vessels into a continuous, real-time service. Authorities are presented with the largest possible response window in which to deliver precise, proportional, and cost-effective mitigation of economic, environmental, and human threats to critical national interests.

Maerospace Corporation: Protecting National Maritime Sovereignty


For more information, contact:
Jay Batista, EVP, Corporate Development & Product Marketing
Organization: Maerospace Corporation
Company URL: www.maerospace.com
Email: jay.batista@maerospace.com

Phone: +1 (302) 382-1725

Waterloo Office: 205-410 CONESTOGO RD, Waterloo, ON N2L 4E2

St. John’s Office: 26 Duffy Place, St. John’s, NL A1B 4M5

Press Contact:

Desert Moon Communications

Harriet Diener

Email: harriet@desertmoon.tv

Phone: +1-845-512-8283

About Maerospace

Transforming the awareness, assessment, and response to critical economic, environmental, and human threats in national maritime domains

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