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Waterloo, ON – 15 March 2023 – Maerospace Corporation, a global supplier of real-time maritime intelligence solutions via industry leading over-the-horizon radar systems and innovative data analytics, is pleased to announce Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. and Maerospace have entered into a Co-Operation Agreement to promote their surveillance products, delivering combined short, medium, and long-range maritime domain situational awareness.

Maerospace provides an integrated “over-the-horizon” radar and data analytics services via their PASE® High Frequency Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR), enabling the persistent surveillance coverage of a nation’s 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zones. Accipiter is a recognized leader in the supply of affordable, all-domain situational awareness systems for ports, waterways, airports and critical infrastructure through their Radar Intelligence Network™ (RIN) platform technology, integrates multi-sensor networks to enable detection, tracking, and alerting of cooperative and uncooperative targets, in the air, on the water and on land.

By combining the Accipiter® RIN platform with PASE over-the-horizon radar, maritime authorities can integrate multiple sensor systems into a common operating picture, unify decision support data and reduce data overload, all leading to faster and better reactions to maritime events. Maerospace and Accipiter are dedicated to helping maritime authorities, including coast guards, navies, ports, and others to combat illegal fishing, piracy, smuggling, and other threats to ocean safety and security.

“Accipiter is well known for our affordable, sensor agnostic and scalable approach to wide area surveillance,” said Simon Jerome, VP Sales & Marketing at Accipiter.  “Teaming with Maerospace will enable customers to benefit from their over-the-horizon maritime domain awareness to compliment our all-domain awareness of critical infrastructure, ports and coastlines.”

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Accipiter,” stated Eric Meger, CEO of Maerospace.  “Our PASE High Frequency Surface Wave Radar combined with our TimeCaster™ data analytics solution continuously monitors all vessel-based activity up to 200 NM from shore with continuous coverage of 41,000 square miles. Accipiter’s MTarget Information System and wide selection of integrated sensors will facilitate the combination of existing or new sensors with PASE and increase mission effectiveness to our customers.”

About Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc.

Accipiter Radar is a North American company that develops, sells, and operates high-performance radar and sensor intelligence networks engineered to monitor the environment and characterize the behavior of targets such as small vessels, low flying aircraft, vehicles and birds, as well as distributed phenomenon such as weather, waves and snow/ice.  The result is enhanced wide-area safety and security through unprecedented domain awareness for 21st century applications in homeland security, aviation safety and security, public safety and environmental protection. Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. of Niagara, Ontario Canada and Accipiter Radar Corporation of Niagara, New York, USA are Targeting a Safer World® and have won business from all levels of government in North America, as well as major corporations and governments in various parts of the world.

About Maerospace Corporation

Maerospace Corporation, based in Waterloo, Ontario, helps protect national sovereignty by closing the domain awareness and intelligence gaps across large-scale maritime economic domains. Our integrated “over-the-horizon” radar and Data Analytics platform transforms the real-time discovery, identification, and assessment of ocean-based vessels into a continuous, real-time service. Authorities are presented with the largest possible response window in which to deliver precise, proportional, and cost-effective mitigation of economic, environmental, and human threats to critical national interests.

Maerospace Corporation: Protecting National Maritime Sovereignty

 For more information, contact:
Jay Batista, EVP, Corporate Development & Product Marketing
Organization: Maerospace Corporation
Company URL: www.maerospace.com
Email: jay.batista@maerospace.com

Phone: +1 (302) 382-1725

Waterloo Office: 205-410 CONESTOGO RD, Waterloo, ON N2L 4E2

St. John’s Office: 26 Duffy Place, St. John’s, NL A1B 4M5

About Maerospace

Transforming the awareness, assessment, and response to critical economic, environmental, and human threats in national maritime domains

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