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Partnering to Transform Maritime Awareness

The Maerospace Network

Maerospace's partner network and connected channels represent a powerful global ecosystem of companies that drive an empowered future where national maritime interests are protected and available for their people.


One of the largest multinational aerospace, intelligence services providers, and defense manufacturers in the world by revenue and market capitalization.


Leader in high-reliability design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions that brings global expertise from the drawing board to full-scale production.

Data Perceptions

Provides security assessments through AI including breach prevention, detection, treatment and response that can be used with most common industry frameworks

Space Strategies Consulting Ltd.

Space professionals that provide a deep understanding of the complexities of space operations for Commercial, Civil and National Security stakeholders.


Grintex provides high-end technology solutions in the areas of Defense, Naval & Maritime Systems, Aviation, Space, etc. to leading Indian and overseas organizations
Maximizing National Maritime Sovereignty

Cost-effectively secure critical maritime domains

Maerospace is ready to help coastal nations transform the ability to drive continuous awareness and accelerate the cost-effective response to ongoing maritime threats.

Let's Get Started

Please contact us to see how Maerospace can evolve the protection of your critical maritime economic domain.