Solving Critical National Economic, Environmental, and Human Challenges

Solving Critical National Economic, Environmental, and Human Challenges

Solutions that preemptively neutralize threats to exclusive economic zones

The Maerospace platform helps solve many critical challenges facing nations in not only economic, human, and environmental interests but also in helping maintain regional stability. Some of these key use cases are listed below, but Maerospace can act as a value driver for any situation where long-range visibility and assessment/tracking is needed to help preemptively neutralize any threat to national maritime interests.

Illegal Fishing

Approximately 20% of fish are caught illegally each year, or over 11 million metric tons of fish, according to 2014 estimates reported by National Geographic. Illegal means of catching fish include fishing during off season times, using banned gear, and harvesting from restricted bodies of water. Illegal fishing may potentially deplete the supply of fish in coastal waters. The economic impact of illegal fishing is estimated to be around from $11 billion to $23.5 billion US Dollars (USD) each year.

Maerospace helps nations detect vessels who may be engaging in illegal fishing and expedites the interdiction of their illegal activities before ecological and economic damages occur.

Search and Rescue

Recreational and commercial boaters and pilots navigate our world’s airways and vast oceans, inland lakes and rivers including remote areas such as the Arctic, like never before. In many parts of the world, even private citizens take on the challenge of crossing treacherous waterways in ill-equipped vessels. As a result, the reliance on search and rescue (SAR) professionals is greater than ever. Positive SAR outcomes, measured in terms of saving lives and money, depend on minimizing the “search” in search and rescue.

Maerospace offers coast guards, naval personnel, and auxiliary units game-changing maritime and air domain surveillance capabilities, that allow them to quickly reach back in time to first identify the target track associated with a reported overdue or incident at its last known location; and then rapidly bring time forward to the present to guide a more localized search.

Smuggling, Trafficking, Piracy

Abuses ranging from arms trafficking at sea, human slavery, gun running, intentional dumping, murder of stowaways, oil piracy, thievery of ships, and many other violations are a major concerns for nations with EEZs.  However, the complexity in detecting who is engaging in these activities is difficult and time consuming.

Maerospace not only provides national agencies with continuous, long-distance radar visibility across the entire zone of interest, but also provides the AI-driven intelligence to help determine the true intent of a vessel.  This provides the intelligence needed to interdict these threats to human and economic interests quickly, and in some cases preemptively, resulting not only stopping economic losses but saving lives.

Homeland Security

Our world is mostly comprised of water, from our vast oceans to the mighty Great Lakes. Ensuring the sustainability of one’s economic exclusion zone, safety of life at sea, environmental protection and sovereignty require wide-area marine and coastal surveillance solutions that allow authorities to better manage risk.

Maerospace offers a solution that addresses these challenging missions with innovations such as smart radar that empowers any number of shore-based and ship-based stakeholders and fully supports the EEZ security mission.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection includes programs that are aimed at reducing risks to the environment from contaminants such as hazardous materials and wastes, fuels, and oils. These programs address pollution prevention measures and regulatory compliance by providing procedures for safely working with and transporting these materials, inspecting the storage vessels and locations, and designating preventative maintenance procedures. Also included are environmental emergency plans, which provide the appropriate actions to be taken in the event of a spill or release.

Maerospace enables nations to protect their territorial and EEZ environments. By allowing continuous visibility of the entire EEZ and tracking any vessels that exhibit threatening behavior, nations can intervene to stop illegal dumping or other activities that threaten environmental stability.

Regional Stability

EEZs stretch two hundred nautical miles from a coastal state’s shores and collectively constitutes more than a third of all ocean space. Because the EEZ is a rich resource zone and a region through which all major sea-lanes pass, its space is critical to regional political stability, national resource extraction, and global commerce. The world’s EEZs are therefore critical regions in which naval power must be brought to bear in support of two fundamental sources of stability for the global system: deterrence of international armed conflict and suppression of non-traditional threats to commerce and other activities. EEZs and other jurisdictional waters are zones in which outside interference is an unwelcome intrusion into domestic security issues, a zone of competition for resources with neighboring states that claim overlapping rights, and a region in which national military powers come to bear.

Maerospace helps nations enforce their EEZs and maintain regional stability by:

  • Create a “zone of understanding” where neighboring nations understand their boundaries and know they are being continuously watched
  • Ensuring nations know if a neighbor nation is encroaching on their rightful economic zone
  • Enable the rapid and targeted interdiction of any violating vessels
  • Close the “black holes” that physical surveillance leaves open in vehicle-based air and sea patrols so opportunistic actors never get an opening to violate EEZ regulations
  • Eliminating misunderstandings between nations so tensions remain low and healthy international cooperation is maintained.

Port Security

Managing today’s ports must deal with modern threats associated with small uncooperative targets such as pleasure-craft.

Maerospace offers an integrated solution that is able to leverage existing surveillance assets and support harbormasters, port police, terminal operators and waterside industrial tenants with situational awareness to enhance security and manage risk in their respective operations.