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Maerospace To Exhibit At CANSEC 2022

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Waterloo, ON – 17 May 2–22 – Maerospace Corporation, a global supplier of real-time maritime intelligence via industry leading radar systems and innovative data analytics has announced plans to exhibit at CANSEC, Canada’s largest global defence and security trade show.  Members of the Maerospace executive team will be on Booth 128 in Ottawa’s EY Centre to give visitors a sneak peek at the Company’s newest installation site located at Cape Race, Newfoundland that features its latest radar release, the 4th generation PASE™ High Frequency Surface Wave Radar system, and the new Maerospace Integrated Radar Equipment Shelter (IRES). CANSEC will take place on June 1 & 2, 2022.

“CANSEC is the perfect environment to introduce our Cape Race deployment to the world, and the timing couldn’t be better,” said Eric Meger, Maerospace CEO. “CANSEC has earned a reputation as a showcase for leading-edge technologies and this installation represents the epitome of game-changing radar systems. Cape Race will be our model system; allowing clients to see our newest generation PASE platform in action, as well as providing a fully operational system for our ongoing investment in technology.  PASE gives enforcement agencies real-time, persistent active surveillance coverage of their nation’s 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). That supports the Company’s mission to protect national maritime sovereignty and resources.”

Using an engaging visual presentation, the team will walk attendees through the Company’s Cape Race radar, giving them a preview of what to expect when it goes fully operational in August.  The heart of the installation is built around the fourth-generation version of Maerospace’s PASE High Frequency Surface Wave Radar system. This latest generation features enhanced spectrum management software for multi-site installations and increased performance in crowded RF environments. It adds high frequency mid-band support, features integrated TimeCaster™ technology, satellite communications for rapid implementation, emergency support, and satcom backhaul capability for locations where terrestrial links are not yet available.

The Cape Race installation will highlight Maerospace’s recently revealed Integrated Radar Equipment Shelter (IRES), a shippable customized container/shelter with integrated power conditioning, backup generator and HVAC for standardized and rapid installation.

Added Meger, “We’d also like to point visitors to our newly re-designed website where they can learn all about Maerospace, our platform, solutions, services, what makes us different, and the latest news on our Insights page.”

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