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Experienced, licensed, and certified medical practitioners, empowered by Orb Health's EMR-centric patient intelligence, provide care delivery that exceeds expectations.

Orb Health’s Universal Patient Engagement Center leverages your EMR to organize, present, and manage your patient’s data to our remote care delivery teams. Our staff are experienced, licensed, and certified clinicians and admins who are continually trained to meet and exceed the needs of the patients.  They are focused on care coordination within the care plan as outlined in the EMR by your physicians.

Our teams operate with the same information as your practice so they know the patient’s history immediately, then utilize workflows imprinted with your practices best practices to immediately coordinate outpatient, ambulatory, and telehealth care for any program that serves any patient population.

Our patient intelligence capability also presents our agents with any care gaps or other eligible programs and services for the patient when they are connected.  This enables Orb Health to maximize the scheduling opportunity at the point of contact.

The result is a virtual extension of your practice that enables scalable care coordination using a comprehensive approach to compliant virtual care without adding additional staff or office space.

Patients experience a significant increase in the quality of their engagement as there are little to no transfers and the nurses are able to quickly handle their needs in a single call.  Our customers have realized a 92% reduction in call abandonment,  a 43% increase in appointments, 70% care gap closure, and 32% reduction in call time.