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TimeCaster™ is the only solution able to predict the current positions of all ships globally, updated every 10 minutes. Existing technology only provides positions with an average age of 2+ hours and age spreads of 10 minutes to more than 24 hours.

The impact of these delays is that current maritime domain awareness systems show ship positions that are wrong by an average of more than 140 nautical miles. Timecaster can improve this accuracy to as little as 10 miles.


TimeCaster™ uses patent-pending algorithms and goes far beyond simple dead reckoning of selected ships. By using predictive information, the Maerospace TimeCaster™ service dramatically improves your real-time knowledge of the maritime domain.

With this more accurate and up-to-date position information, TimeCaster™ generates predictive alerts for navies, coast guards, environmental protection agencies and others giving actionable information about suspect ship behaviors with enough time to act. Requiring only a web-browser to access our secure service site in Canada, your users can be up and running quickly with no software to install and no changes required to your users existing systems or procedures.

TimeCaster™ can also provide a data stream that can directly feed your existing display and analytics systems. We support NMEA4, OTH-Gold or XML standards. Anomaly alerts are delivered onscreen or by email or SMS.

Maerospace is built on several years of lessons learned from building and operating a global, satellite-based big data ship tracking service for government and commercial entities. By acting on fused data we operate downstream from raw data providers.

TimeCaster™ is ideal for agencies that are already paying for raw AIS and S-AIS tracking data. We are also able to supply raw data if needed.

  • Navies
  • Coast Guards
  • Ports
  • Marine Insurance Companies
  • Fleet Owners / Operators
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  • Maerospace’s service model eliminates the need for customer IT projects to get started.

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