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Surveillance vs. Communications Tracking Systems

Some people have recently asked me what is so special about Satellite-AIS  and TimeCaster™ if they only track ships to an accuracy measured in miles. GPS, they say, is installed on all ships and that tracks ships to within 10 meters! The answer lies in the question, “Who wants to know?”  Despite what you see…

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Join us at V-Tracks Americas and get a 25% discount

Dear Reader, We are excited to announce that Maerospace will be exhibiting and presenting at the Vessel Tracking & Monitoring Conference on 16-17 September 2014 in Miami. The Maritime Situational Awareness Systems Focus Day will take place on 15th September. This event will look at promoting information and data analytics for maritime surveillance and navigation….

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Last time we presented some of the challenges of the time spread between S-AIS reports and how they lead to a higher training level than is often perceived. This time let’s look at how your S-AIS display might be missing or hiding the most interesting ships. As we have seen, AIS Satellites can take a…

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