About Our Model

Maerospace turns the ocean of data produced by the Internet of Things into actionable information via a repeatable factory process We offer a trusted and reliable service to supply alerts and real time information to government and business customers worldwide. We help users of complex systems like global ship tracking, asset status and process control to better understand their domain now and predict anomalies in time to respond. Using an innovative “Information Factory” model along with proprietary analytics, sensor partners and strategic alliances, we can scale into multiple vertical markets faster and at lower cost than our partners could do for themselves.

The Maerospace Information Factory™

Our information factory model enables us to bring to bear decades of proven manufacturing tools and methodologies on the challenges of high-volume information production. Lean Manufacturing helps minimize wasted data resources. Design for 6-Sigma drives operations to minimize variations in data quality and Theory of Constraints helps us drive throughput and reliability.

Innovative sensors and new analytics software companies often cannot exploit their technology without completing the value chain with high-reliability operations and superior product strategies – Maerospace’s core strengths. Sensor system users' IT departments are consumed with projects for cloud migration, unstructured Big Data integration, new database platforms, massive shifts in communications technology and BYOD – i.e. the Big Data revolution. Our service approach delivers actionable information from innovative sensor system users fast.

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