Operations as a Service




OPSgrok is the Maerospace division responsible for providing Operations as a Service (OaaS) to analytics and sensor companies. OPSgrok brings the benefits of our Information Factory model to all analytics companies in the IoT (Internet of Things) space. We are the ops for your dev/ops. More specifically, we provide Production Operations, Customer Support, and Infrastructure for High-Volume, RealTime solutions. We enable our clients to deliver world-class service to their customers immediately at a quality and service level based on our decades of experience. Because we can share many systems, processes, and people across multiple clients, we can provide this level of service at huge savings over internal initiatives.

OaaS means that we will implement and operate a complete information factory for you, including all required infrastructure. This approach provides you with higher reliability, scalability and customer satisfaction at a much lower cost.

What’s included


1) Receiving and quality checking of sensor data
2) Archiving of Raw data for duration required
3) Processing of data using client-developed analytics software
4) Data inventory management
5) Distribution of data to end-users
6) Overall data flow management and quality control

Customer Support

1) Tier 1 customer support via email and voice mail

a. Triage of incoming calls
b. Processing of pre-defined tier 1 requests (password changes, etc.)
c. End-user notification of incidents and scheduled maintenance
d. Incident life cycle tracking

2) Support based on working hours (24×7 optional)

Production Operations

1) 24 x 7 monitoring
2) Change control management Incident management
3) Management of maintenance windows
4) ‘Canary’ dashboard providing real-time output data statistics
5) Escalation of incidents beyond level 2 or level 1 (depending on documentation training available)
6) Pre-Production testing and support
7) Regular communications and planning calls


1) Servers provided as needed to run your analytics

a. Up to 20 Standard Servers: 4 CPU; 8 GB RAM;
b. Up to 2 TB Storage
c. Additional CPUs, RAM, Servers or custom hardware available at low incremental charge

2) Servers configured as needed

a. Web servers
b. ftp servers as required
c. Database servers

3) VPN’s as appropriate for your application



Other capabilities
1) Ability to collocate in other countries (e.g. Europe)
2) Available support for strategic marketing and product management

Client provides
1) Installation and support for software to support analytics and web services
2) Installation and maintenance of databases
3) All changes to production subject to OPSgrok management
4) Frequency of updates to be coordinated with OPSgrok to balance stability vs. enhancements
5) Participation in regular DEV/OPS coordination conferences with OPSgrok