Operations as a Service




Maerospace demands tremendous reliability, operational stability, and customer support.  OPSgrok is the subsidiary that makes that happen.

Our unique information factory enables us to process over 120M sensor messages per day.  OPSgrok now brings that capability to all analytics companies working to transform complex sensor data into actionable information.

The Problem

Every IoT company must deal with transforming massive amounts of sensor data into information. The core capabilities of your business are PRODUCT CAPABILITIES and MARKETING. To be successful, you must also deliver your information reliably and provide the operational support that ensures revenue generation. This takes skills and resources of very different character and must scale rapidly to support your growth.  For many companies, the transition from early customer traction to full operations creates distractions for their team (both technical and management) and they struggle to discover the operational process needs, hire a new team, and then go through the training, forming and storming inherent in any new function. These distractions and disruptions can stall your growth and give competitors time to catch up or pass you.

In our experience, it can take two years or more to build and stabilize a reliable production operation.

OPSgrok can you be your partner to mitigate or eliminate the risks associated with this essential process.

We are the ops for your dev/ops. More specifically, we provide Production Operations, First Response Customer Tech Support and Infrastructure (when needed) for high-volume, real-time analytics companies. We enable our clients to deliver world-class service to their customers immediately at a quality and service level based on our decades of experience. Because we can share many systems, processes, and people across multiple clients, we can provide this level of service at huge savings over internal initiatives.

We work as a true alliance partner rather than a vendor. We succeed when you succeed.

More than Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS companies are making it cheaper and easier than ever before to build IT stacks on which to run applications, but they are entirely focused on providing vertical stacks of standardized server infrastructure. They will make sure your machines are running. At OPSgrok we work with any infrastructure provider (or we can provide the infrastructure if needed) but our focus is entirely on ensuring that the horizontal flow of raw data into the facility, through the production process and delivery to the end users is reliable, scalable and supported.

Benefits to Partnering with OPSgrok

Our mission is to help our analytics company partners to avoid the valley of despair as they grow.


For more details, see the dedicated OPSgrok website.