Maerospace announces Canadian DND Contract

Download PDF:  Press Release #1 – DND contract – Intl

One-year TimeCaster™ service contract enhances Maritime Domain Awareness

June 25, 2015 Waterloo, ON—Maerospace Corporation, a Canadian company and world leader in predictive analytics to track ships around the world, today announced that the Government of Canada’s Department of National Defense (DND) has completed a contract to use and evaluate Maerospace’s TimeCaster™ service in support of its global maritime domain awareness mission. With the finalization of the DND contract, the TimeCaster service implemented live operations in secure DND Monitor facilities.

Eric Meger, founder and CEO of Maerospace, said ”We are truly excited to be supporting the national security mission of DND with this project. TimeCaster will bring a new level of accuracy and completeness to the Navy’s recognized maritime picture. With a clear view of the expected behavior of every ship, it will be much easier to detect and respond to suspicious behavior that could threaten our national interests.”

TimeCaster™ produces a current picture of the maritime domain at a common measurement time using patent-pending algorithms. The company’s unique services track over 150,000 ships worldwide, refreshing their data every 10 minutes with up to 10 times the accuracy of existing systems. Based on its proven accuracy and thorough knowledge of ship positions, TimeCaster generates predictive alerts on a wide range of maritime anomalies.

About Maerospace
Based in Waterloo, Canada, Maerospace Corporation provides global ship tracking and predictive alert services to maritime authorities and businesses with maritime interests in all corners of the world. The company has offices in Canada and India.

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For more information, contact Eric Meger at 519-841-4533 or email at

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